Making Friends with Stress

Have you ever felt like stress was getting in the way of you living your best life? The good news is certain types of stress are actually good for you!  


Join Nick Kenny on Tuesday 18th or Thursday 20th October from 6:30pm to 7.30pm for this interactive webinar on how to make friends with stress!


  • Discover simple and powerful strategies to manage stress
  • Find out what the stress response is and why it is useful
  • Learn how to shift from “bad” stress (distress) to “good” stress (eustress)
  • Practice examples of instant stress reduction techniques

ADHD: From Surviving to Thriving

Have you ever felt confused or frustrated by your ADHD? Or do you know someone who has it and you would like to learn more? ADHD can be challenging, but the great news is that it doesn’t mean you can’t live an awesome and thriving life. 


Join Nick Kenny on Wednesday 26th or Thursday 27th October from 6:30pm to 7:30pm for this interactive webinar on how to go from “surviving” to “thriving” with ADHD.


  • Understand what ADHD is (and what it is not)
  • Discover the benefits and limits of medication
  • Learn simple and effective strategies to help manage symptoms
  • Find out how best to support a young person who has ADHD

About the presenter:

Nick Kenny is Partnership Manager at KYDS Youth Development Service, Chief of Speakers Tribe NSW and mental health speaker. Since lockdown, he has helped over 3000 people take charge of their mental health through workshops & presentations, working with dozens of schools across Sydney.


After struggling with ADHD himself while attending a selective school, Nick has learned the tools and awareness to best manage both ADHD and stress. His passion is now helping others to live their best life through mental health education.


He holds a Bachelor of Arts (honours), a Master of Politics & Public Policy, a Diploma of Counselling and in his spare time can be found trying to stay afloat on a bodyboard.

From worriers to warriors: How to support your socially anxious child

Does your child frequently worry or avoid social gatherings or public events? Have their fears and reservations to engage in social activities worsened since lockdown? We’ve found an increased presentation of social anxiety amongst young people, post-pandemic. The good news is that we are all in the process of adjustment, just at different stages – our aim is progress, not perfection. 


Join Mary Santiago on Tues 25th October from 6:30pm to 7:30pm as she shares simple and practical guidance on how to help your teenager manage their social anxiety post-pandemic.


  • Discover the impact of COVID lockdowns on increased presentations of social anxiety in young people 
  • Learn to break the cycle of anxiety by striking a balance between accommodation and confrontation 
  • Learn practical tools and strategies to help your child face their fears and manage their social anxiety more effectively

Parenting a Screenager: How to support your child’s management of technology

Have you ever felt concerned or frustrated by your child’s attachment to their screens and technological devices? Have you ever felt lost or helpless in enforcing/fostering healthy boundaries and behaviours regarding your child’s technology use? We’ve found that it all comes down to the relationships we create with technology and our family. 


Join Mary Santiago on Thurs 27th October from 11:30am to 12:30pm as she shares simple and practical guidance on how to help your teenager develop a healthier relationship with technology.


  • Learn the neuroscience of the effects of technology on the adolescent brain.
  • Discover how to maintain control while encouraging personal autonomy and responsibility. 
  • Find out how to model and foster positive behaviours in the digital age.  
  • Identify and overcome common obstacles in creating a healthier relationship with technology.

About the presenter:

Mary Santiago has supported hundreds of families as a family and adolescent counsellor with KYDS since 2017. She has extensive experience working with young people in professional and community settings. Mary is also skilled in coordinating, facilitating and developing content for a wide range of prevention and early intervention mental health and wellbeing workshops for primary and secondary students. 


Mary holds a Master of Counselling through The University of Notre Dame where she completed her coursework and thesis, and a Bachelor of Arts (Major: Sociology) through The University of Sydney. Mary is also a sessional lecturer at Excelsia College.

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