Feedback & complaints

Tell us what you think

We appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback. Your comments will help us to continue improving our service.

KYDS is committed to providing a feedback and complaints management process that:

  • is simple and accessible
  • is available to all clients, employees, volunteers and contractors
  • ensures complaints are responded to promptly
  • is fair and follows principles of justice and inclusion
  • complies with legislative requirements.

If you have any ideas that you’d like to share with us or would like to give feedback, including providing a compliment, you can call us directly on
02 9416 0900 or fill out our contact form.

If you have a concern about KYDS’ services, it’s important to talk about it.

Anyone receiving support or services from KYDS can make a complaint. Your family or friends can also talk to us or submit a complaint on your behalf. This process is completely non-judgemental and all complaints will be taken seriously.

We recommend that you call our office directly on 02 9416 0900. Even if you’re not sure if you want to make a complaint, we can initiate a discussion and share any relevant information to help you decide what you want to do. Alternatively, fill out the below form and we will be in contact at the preferred time to discuss your complaint.

Complaints form
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Feedback and complaints management process

  1. The KYDS representative will seek to clarify what outcome you are seeking and whether you would like to make a formal complaint or resolve the complaint through informal discussions.
  2. Where a formal complaint is made, this will be escalated to KYDS’ CEO (or Chair of the Management Committee if the complaint is about the CEO).
  3. The CEO or Chair will:
    1. Acknowledge receipt of the complaint within two (2) business days
    2. Where appropriate, facilitate the implementation of the outcome/resolution that is being sought
    3. Where it would not be appropriate to implement the outcome/resolution being sought, decide whether the matter requires:
      • Mediation
      • An internal investigation
      • An external investigation
      • Referral to an appropriate authority such as the police
    4. Where appropriate to do so, communicate in a timely way regarding:
      • Progress of any of the above processes
      • Outcome/findings of any investigation
      • Any disciplinary measures imposed

All communications with anyone involved must respect the importance of confidentiality of all involved and be consistent with Privacy Laws.
More detailed steps are outlined in the KYDS Complaint Management Plan.

Complaints about a KYDS employee

If your complaint is about a member of our staff we will treat your complaint confidentially, impartially and equally (giving equal treatment to all people). We will investigate your complaint thoroughly by finding out the relevant facts, speaking with the relevant people and verifying explanations where possible. We will also treat our staff member objectively by:

  • Informing them of any complaint about their performance
  • Providing them with an opportunity to explain the circumstances
  • Providing them with the appropriate support
  • Updating them on the complaint investigation and the result.

Record keeping

A register of complaints will be kept by KYDS. The register will be maintained by the CEO and will record the following for each complaint:
Details of the complainant and the nature of the complaint

  • Date lodged
  • Action taken
  • Date of resolution and reason for decision
  • Indication of complainant being notified of outcome
  • Complainant response and any further action.

Complaints under investigation by a Regulator or Law Enforcement Agency

If your complaint is currently being investigated by a relevant federal, state or territory consumer protection regulator or law enforcement agency, we may cease to take further action in relation to your complaint pending finalisation of their investigations. We will assist any agency with their investigations.