Transforming Lives: A young person's success story

At just 14 years of age, Jack was facing a number of challenges. Grief and loss following the death of his father and a ruptured relationship with his mum, who had extremely high expectations, a lack of empathy and the inability to provide validation to her son. On top of this, Jack was disengaged with school and had been suspended, suffered a drug and alcohol addiction and was displaying self-harm and suicidal behaviour.
Over a period of 5 years, KYDS provided consistent support and a positive female adult role model to repair and heal the attachment ruptures in his life. Using an unconditional positive, non-judgemental and no pressure approach, Jack's counsellor guided him through Year 12 and worked with him to help him find a purpose and passion in life.
Jack worked as a casual in a café, which provided an outlet during the stress of Year 12. Aimless after the HSC, he took a gap year and continued to work as a waiter. Through countless conversations with his KYDS counsellor, Jack uncovered that he would like to learn how to be a barista and was curious about working in the kitchen. But Jack never really thought he was good enough for anything and questioned why people would even bother to give him a chance.

“KYDS helped me find opportunities to start my career and also just helped me through my whole high school life. You’ve all done so much for me.”


Jack, former KYDS client

“KYDS helped me find opportunities to start my career and also just helped me through my whole high school life. You’ve all done so much for me.”


Jack, former KYDS client

Jack's counselling work focused on the fact that he is good enough, and that his experience working in the café could give him a shot at bigger and better opportunities. His counsellor told him about OzHarvest's Nourish Program, run in partnership with registered training organisations like TAFE. This free, 18-week traineeship for the Certificate II in Kitchen Operations requires a 3 day per week commitment and covers front of house, barista certificate, prep and cooking for different types of meals and functions.
Jack's counsellor checked in a couple of times to see if he was interested in applying, with no real indication from him until the day before applications were to close. Jack arrived at KYDS with a hard copy of the form in hand and asked for help with completing his application. A week later, Jack received the good news that he had made it to interview stage! His counsellor helped him prepare for the interview over the next 2 weeks by doing some role play work and brainstorming answers to possible questions, then provided further support by attending the interview with Jack.
Three weeks later, Jack enjoyed his first day at Nourish. He went on to be one of the program's top students, graduating with flying colours. Within three months of completing Nourish, Jack was accepted into the Rockpool apprenticeship program at TAFE!

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