Seppi's Story: The importance of reaching out for support

‘I have learnt to reword the quote “everything happens for a reason” to “find a reason for everything that happens” – and I wouldn’t have learnt this without the support of KYDS.’


Seppi, former KYDS client

“KYDS helped me find opportunities to start my career and also just helped me through my whole high school life. You’ve all done so much for me.”


Jack, former KYDS client

Introducing Seppi, an ex-client who shares the inspiring story of her journey with KYDS.


Seppi came to KYDS in 2011 at the age of 15, having experienced a traumatic event that left her with PTSD and anxiety.


‘I went from wanting to grow up, to being robbed of my childhood,’ Seppi recalls.


This was at a time when mental health was still not well understood and was slowly starting to be spoken about. Though counselling was an option she knew of, it took some time to consider getting help.


‘Thankfully, my parents had heard about KYDS and I was able to make an appointment quickly,’ Seppi continued.

She remembers her first session with her KYDS counsellor and how timid she was, not wanting to be a ‘burden’ – then reaching the last 2 minutes of her session and finally telling the story of what had happened to her.


‘KYDS gave me a safe space to share my feelings.  I didn’t feel comfortable going to see my school counsellor and the stigma associated with that.  The fact that KYDS was separate to school, but really accessible for a young person, made it easier for me to get the help I needed – without having to wait for months like you do with other services,’ Seppi said.


Seppi has continued to see the same counsellor on and off until today, as she feels a great bond that started with a good foundation at KYDS.


‘Counselling is a bit like dating,’ Seppi continued. ‘It can take a while for you to find the person you feel comfortable talking to.  KYDS was really ahead of its time and helped me to grow from my traumatic experience, giving me a sense of purpose.’

Following high school, Seppi studied Criminology, which she excelled at, and also volunteered for a charity which allowed her the opportunity to share her story in schools. 


Though it has been some time since Seppi sought help from KYDS, the organisation still holds a special place in her life.  She stresses the importance of other young people reaching out for support when they need it, no matter how small the problem is or how uncertain they are of their emotions. 


‘I have learnt to reword the quote “everything happens for a reason” to “find a reason for everything that happens” – and I wouldn’t have learnt this without the support of KYDS.’

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