Our experienced clinical team offers parents, carers and other community members the opportunity to participate in free webinars on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Learn more about ADHD, social anxiety, motivation and goal setting, digital mental health, anxiety and stress, relationships and communication and how to support young people who self-harm.

Being armed with information can help you more easily understand what your young person is going through.

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Upcoming Webinars

Mental health in schools (School staff)
May 21st (1pm) & May 22nd (6.30pm) Unlock the mysteries behind student behaviour and performance. Mental health greatly influences engagement and success. Learn to identify symptoms, understand diverse mental health needs, and create effective classroom strategies.
Flip the switch: Helping young people
with anxiety and stress
June 25th (6.30pm) & June 26th (1pm) Do anxiety and stress get in the way of your child or student living their best life? The good news is that certain types of anxiety and stress are actually good for us! Learn some simple tools to help manage anxiety and stress levels and use them to your advantage.
Parenting a screenager: Helping
young people with digital mental health
July 23rd (1pm) & July 24th (6.30pm) Are you frustrated by your child’s attachment to screens? Healthy boundaries, simple tools and awareness are key to improving relationships with young people and technology. Hear simple and practical advice on how to help your teenager develop a healthier relationship with technology.
From 'conflict' to 'proflict': Helping young people improve relationships and communication
August Have you felt like you and your teenager are speaking different languages? The developing teenage brain processes information and emotions in a unique way. We’ll explore different communication techniques to help you develop a healthier and more enjoyable relationship with your teenager.
From 'worriers' to 'warriors': Helping
young people with social anxiety
September Does your child or student frequently worry or avoid school, social gatherings or public events? Hear simple and effective tips to manage social anxiety and support young people to become more confident and capable versions of themselves.
Mental Health Month webinar series
October It's Mental Health Month! Join us throughout October as we present a selection of our most popular webinars!
Small fish, big pond: Managing the
transition to high school
November Do you feel as though your child or student could use some help when it comes to managing the transition to high school and mental health? We’ll share practical tips and advice to help your young person manage the leap into the big pond in the best way possible!
From ‘hurting’ to ‘healing’: Supporting
young people who self-harm
Are you concerned or uncertain about self-harm prevention and support for teenagers? We’ll share practical and expert advice based on clinical data, the best research and professional experience, to help you feel more confident in addressing these areas with your child.
From ‘no’ to ‘go’: Motivation and
goal setting made easy
Why do some people seem to be able to set and achieve goals easily, while others really struggle? We have found there is a science to the art of motivation, setting and achieving goals, and we'll share with you some of the very best research and tools.