Workshops & Presentations

The KYDS team has delivered more than 150 workshops to over 60 schools, reaching in excess of 17,000 students.

We draw on research and the collective knowledge of our experienced clinical team of psychologists, counsellors and social workers to create and deliver evidence-based content that is interactive, engaging and informative. Our highly trained facilitators have diverse backgrounds and interests and are highly skilled at connecting with students and creating a fun learning environment.

All workshops are delivered on school premises to small groups of 20-30 students, over a full or half-day. Included with our programs is a free 28-day Resilience Journal for each student.
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Interactive workshops

Transition to high school and mental health

Year 6 | Full-day

In this hands-on, informative and fun day, students will explore their assumptions about high school and learn evidence-based principles to improve their mental health, leaving them more capable, confident and optimistic about high school and life!

• Create positive and realistic expectations around high school
• Build emotional vocabulary and self-regulation skills
• Learn how to maintain old friendships and build new ones easily
• Understand what “resilience” means and build healthy coping mechanisms
• Discover the five foundations of “funda-mental health”
• Find out how, why, where and when to seek help.

“Absolutely incredible” – Monique Oliphant, Year 6 Coordinator, Hornsby South Public School

Mental health and young men

Years 8-10 | Half-day

Discussions and ideals around “masculinity” are shifting in a powerful way – what the conversation looks like now will shape the next generation of men and the world around them. This workshop goes in-depth, exploring the strengths within students themselves to create more positive and healthy identities. Students will walk away with a stronger sense of self, respect and responsibility.

• Learn healthy communication skills to create more respectful relationships
• Challenge gender stereotypes and create a sense of positive masculinity
• Explore a strengths-based approach to building a healthy identity
• Navigate online behaviour and improve digital mental health
• Find out how, why, where and when to seek help.

“Very inclusive, very informative and really fun” – Steven, Year 8 student, Lorien Novalis School

Mental health and young women

Years 8-10 | Half-day

Mental health statistics around young women have never been more concerning. This workshop will unpack both the main risk and protective factors around female mental health, explore common issues young women are facing and offer guidance on how to overcome them. Students will walk away feeling informed,
empowered and supported to live healthier lives.

• Learn healthy communication skills to create more respectful relationships
• Challenge gender stereotypes and create a stronger sense of self
• Explore body image expectations and create a healthy identity
• Navigate online behaviour and improve social media health
• Find out how, why, where and when to seek help.

“I wish we did this every week at school” – Year 8 student, Mackellar Girls High School

Staff Workshops

ADHDifferent: Understanding and responding to neurodiversity

120 mins

Engaging and interactive, this workshop is delivered by an experienced professional speaker and facilitator with lived experience of ADHD. Using a strengths-based approach, it offers evidence-based insights to help your staff and students really thrive!

• Find out how best to support a young person who has ADHD
• Build a deeper understanding of what ADHD is (and what it is not)
• Explore a strengths-based approach to empower those with ADHD
• Learn and teach simple and effective non-drug strategies to manage symptoms
• Unpack the strengths and limitations of stimulant medication
• Improve on existing classroom management and behavioural strategies.

“110% would recommend” – Staff member, The John Berne School

KYDS also offers bespoke staff workshops to help teachers and staff support their students.


An experienced professional speaker with lived mental health experience is available to deliver presentations to entire year groups. Each presentation involves a briefing call to tailor the presentation to the specific needs of the audience. KYDS can also offer bespoke presentations on request. Regardless, the aim is the same: educate, entertain and inspire!

Transition to high school and mental health

Year 7 | 60-80 mins

In this interactive, high-energy and fun presentation, students are welcomed into their new school and cohort in a way that helps them build rapport, manage uncertainty and feel like they belong right from the start!

• Practise simple, effective and fun ways to build new friendships
• Learn how to navigate changes with healthy coping mechanisms
• Find out powerful ways to manage anxiety and embrace healthy stress
• Learn the five foundations of “funda-mental health”
• Discover how, why, where and when to seek help.

“Excellent level of engagement… Well done!” – Simone Webb, Year 7 Coordinator, Brigidine College

Connection is key: The L.O.V.E. framework for better relationships

Years 7-8 | 60-80 mins

Positive relationships are at the very core of all human well-being. In this engaging, interactive and enjoyable presentation, students will learn how to navigate new and existing relationships in a way that will leave them feeling respectful, respected and connected!

• Learn how to communicate effectively for better relationships
• Discover the power of compassion to respond to online trolling
• Practice building empathy and valuing other perspectives
• Transform relationships through gratitude and kindness
• Discover how, why, where and when to seek help.

“A fantastic talk. I highly, highly recommend” – Mellissa Murray, Director Student Wellbeing, Mercy Catholic College

Mental wealth: The power of positive psychology

Years 9-10 | 60-80 mins

Through powerful storytelling and evidence-based principles of positive psychology, this presentation shows students how they can actually change their brain and their life through simple daily habits. Students will leave feeling capable, confident and resilient to handle whatever challenges come their way!

• Change your brain and build resilience using simple and proven habits
• Learn a powerful strengths-based approach to mental health
• Use the “happiness advantage” to improve academic and athletic performance
• Find out how to embrace adversity and take responsibility
• Discover how, why, where and when to seek help.

“One of the best speeches that ever came to our school” – Rochelle, Year 10 student, Cherrybrook Technology High School

High-octane motivation: The D.R.I.V.E. formula for success

Years 11-12 | 60-80 mins

There has never been a more exciting time to learn about and apply the science-backed principles of peak performance. In this dynamic and interactive presentation, students will learn how to maximise their brain’s potential for the best possible results. They will walk away feeling empowered, inspired and ready to thrive!

• Discover the neuroscience of dopamine, goal setting and motivation
• Practice effective reward and recognition to enhance well-being and performance
• Take initiative and overcome procrastination, perfectionism and fear of failure
• Create a powerful vision for life beyond the HSC
• Discover how, why, where and when to seek help.

“The most engaged I’ve ever seen our Year 12 boys looking. So impressed!” – Mike, Year 12 Advisor, Normanhurst Boys High School

Movement, meaning and mates: The three pillars of well-being

All ages | 60-80 mins

In this presentation, students will discover how to take ownership of three key foundations of their well-being – physical, mental and social. With simple strategies, interactive games, and compelling storytelling, they will walk away feeling empowered and inspired to help themselves and those around them!

• Explore the mind-body connection for better mental health
• A no-nonsense strategy to embrace and overcome adversity
• Learn how to communicate effectively to build healthier relationships
• Find out the most powerful ways to manage stress and anxiety
• Discover how, why, where and when to seek help.

“My year nines were completely engaged… An awesome session” – Moira Miller, Year 9 Advisor, The Hills Grammar School